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Whole House Surge Protection

What Are Power Surges?
Alternating current causes your electrical voltage to oscillate between 0 and 169 volts. When the voltage exceeds 169, you will experience a power surge, which can cause immense damage to your appliances, computer equipment and other home electronics if left unprotected.

Why Are Power Surges a Danger to My Home Electronics?
When your electronic's voltage increases beyond its peak at 169, arcs of electrical current develop and generate heat that can be damaging to circuit boards. Over time, these power surges can render your electronic equipment powerless.

How Can I Avoid Power Surges?
You can't avoid them, but you can protect against them. The most common reason for a power surge is a lightening storm, which can enter a home through cable, phone or electrical lines. Other reasons for power surges are heavy duty appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners powering on and off, and power grid switching conducted by your Electric Company.

How Can I Protect My Electronics Against Surges?
Whole house surge protection is the best way to protect your expensive home electronics and offer you peace of mind when power surges occur. They work by diverting the excess voltage to the ground wire, then stabilizing when the voltage returns to normal. The process only takes a couple of hours and it is an inexpensive solution to a potentially devastating problem. Some of the excess voltage may still leak through, which is why it is still important to utilize plug in surge protectors on your electronic equipment.

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