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GFCI Devices

What Is GFCI and Why Do I Need It?
Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter, more commonly referred to as GFCI, is an inexpensive electrical device used in precarious places like kitchens and bathrooms to protect you from injury and burns due to electric shocks, and in worse case scenarios—death by electrocution. That's reason enough to make sure you're protected. Here's how it works: Ground-faults occur when current is leaking, causing electricity to escape "to the ground." When you come in contact with the source of electrical current, your body becomes a receiver and you can become severely shocked. When you are GFCI compliant, loss of current is monitored and differentials in the flow will cause the the circuit to shut off before a fatal injury can occur.

How Do I Know If I Have Gfci in All the Right Places?
GFCI are required by the National Electrical Code in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, garages and anywhere you are likely to come into contact with water combined with electricity.

How Do I Know If I Have GFCI?
If you are not familiar with GFCI, it is best to schedule an appointment with one of Clark's technicians to inspect your equipment and determine if your home is as safe as you think it is. A complete inspection is a low cost alternative for the peace of mind you'll receive in knowing that all of your electrical components such as outlets, wiring and breakers are up-to-date and operationally sound.


You probably don't give much thought to your electrical outlets. As long as your laptop, iron, blender or television works, then the outlet must be functioning normally, right? While that certainly may be true, your receptacle may also be a hidden catastrophe waiting to happen.

If your connection is loose, the plug slips, sparks or feels warm—you need to call Clark Electric Co. to inspect your outlets and provide you with a free estimate for upgrading your old, worn out receptacles with grounded, safer ones.

What Does It Mean to Be Grounded?
Grounded outlets simply protect you from electric shock by conducting the current of a short circuit, causing the breaker to trip. In order to be grounded, you need to have a ground wire properly installed.
Ordinary folks replace their 2 pronged outlets with 3 pronged outlets without adding the new ground wire. This is not only dangerous, but illegal in the state of Georgia. Grounding also helps preserve the life of your electronics, so don't delay—call Clark today!

#1 Cause of Electrical Fires in Homes
You might be surprised to know that the number one cause of electrical fires in homes is not the electric blanket, but the extension cord it is plugged into, which also houses the alarm clock, table lamp, laptop and anything else within your reach when your electrical outlet is not.
Clark Electric Co. will install new, grounded outlets anywhere and everywhere you need them, so that you can renew the safety of your Alpharetta home. Visit our page on surge protectors to find out how you can provide further protection to your home and family.

Tamper Resistant Outlets

Tamper resistant outlets are specifically designed to prevent anything other than a plug from being inserted into the outlet. These safer, child-resistant outlets are now required in all new construction in Georgia, but you should be wary of the electricians who offer superior quality, but provide you with cheap imitations to save a buck.

How Can You Tell If Your Outlets Are Tamper Resistant?
The letters TR will appear right on the face of the receptacle.

I Already Have Those Little Plastic Inserts All Over the House. Isn't That Good Enough?
No, not if you want to provide 100% protection for your children. Tamper Resistant outlets provide continuous protection and can't be removed like those cheap plastic ones, because the protection is built in. You can always count on Clark Electric to look out for the welfare of your family, and install only Tamper Resistant outlets in your Cobb County homes.

Who Should Get Tamper Resistant Outlets?

  • Anyone with children
  • Day Cares
  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Doctor and Dentist's Offices
  • Libraries
  • Anyone who has a home or business where children might frequent

If you fit into one of these categories, it's time you considered protecting yourself, your business and most importantly, small children who can't protect themselves.

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