Residential Electrician in Alpharetta, GA

You probably don't give much thought to your electrical outlets. As long as your laptop, iron, blender or television works, then the outlet must be functioning normally, right?  While that certainly may be true, your recepticle may also be a hidden catastrophy waiting to happen.

If your connection is loose, the plug slips, sparks or feels warm—you need to call Clark Electric Co. to inspect your outlets and provide you with a free estimate for upgrading your old, worn out recepticles with grounded, safer ones.


Grounded outlets simply protect you from electric shock by conducting the current of a short circuit, causing the breaker to trip. In order to be grounded, you need to have a ground wire properly installed.

Ordinary folks replace their 2 pronged outlets with 3 pronged outlets without adding the new ground wire. This is not only dangerous, but illegal in the state of Georgia.  Grounding also helps preserve the life of your electronics, so don't delay—call Clark today!

#1 Cause of Electrical Fires in Homes

You might be surprised to know that the number one cause of electrical fires in homes is not the electric blanket, but the extension cord it is plugged into, which also houses the alarm clock, table lamp, laptop and anything else within your reach when your electrical outlet is not.

Clark Electric Co. will install new, grounded outlets anywhere and everywhere you need them, so that you can renew the safety of your Alpharetta home.

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