Residential Interior Lighting in Alpharetta

Clark Electric Co.
illuminates Alpharetta homes with inspiring lighting techniques that offer form, function and visual elegance to every room. 

If you're tired of the cheap, generic lighting your home's manufacturer installed, Clark Electric Co. can take your lighting into the 21st century.  We'll introduce you to a variety of lighting styles that will satisfy your needs and design aesthetic.  Our certified electricians will expertly install your lighting with the utmost care and consideration for your home.

Types of Lighting in Alpahretta:

  • Task Lighting: the most common type and generally brightest form of lighting.  It enables you to perform daily tasks such as cooking, reading and homework.  You want to create an optimal lighting effect so as to prevent glare and eye strain.

  •  Ambient Lighting: surrounds the environment and dances off the contours of objects in the room.

  • Accent Lighting: used to showcase your artwork, collections, sculptures, photographs and anything in which you want to draw attention.

  • Hidden Light Sources: fun way to add sparkle and shine to a staircase, beneath a fireplace, behind a decorative panel or along a long hallway.  The possibilities are endless.

  • LED Lighting: allows design versatility and creativity.

  • Recessed Lighting: offers a great lighting source for kitchens, living areas and patios.  It can also be used to highlight special features and architectural elements.

  • Chandeliers: often used in formal dining rooms or entry ways, add character and charm, grace and elegance.

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